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Room 142

June 27, 2016

’twas there, briefly,
that your existence expanded
(by then liquid, gasous, solely energetic)
over and under the cranium unique and manifold
of deities in myriad,
its dome pulsating slowly
its transparence being pure golden love
its nature being Word, in a system of systems of systems…

Room 141

June 21, 2016

then, a transition.
tracers, confetti, a couple black frames.
dim lights on, enter
a honest living room
blue wallpaper, moiré
mom cries on a chair
That’s all, says dad,
his beard, then, still dark.

Room 140

June 19, 2016

Here in our neighborhood – I know, you’d call this countryside, but just take your time, look! or walk, find me a patch from where you cannot see a house, a chimney, a building: you cannot, because they build, they build those bloody roosts everywhere, everywhere pirate henshacks, every old man a henshack, then they add a couple CGI’s for the tools, and, hey, why not a barbecue? WHY NOT upgrade it to oven? Pizza per tutti! Che ci vuole, due traforati di ghisa… E siamo fortunati! Fossimo giù, due stagioni e diventano case. E sono fortunati: fossero in India, non metterebbero il tetto mai: never, ever a roof, every storey, live beams loose and the lattice of RC rebars, ‘cos, you know, anytime you might need another level, a couple new rooms… Until in a room, in that one room, in that brand new, still chalky and unwindowed room, there gemmates, splits, spins, bursts & raises a Thunderous Goddess of Destruction…
(– Hey Rāmachata!
– Howdy, Povinda!
– Got any tonite?
– Thunderous Goddesses of D.? Let me check, season’s coming…)

Room 139

June 18, 2016

– Hey Vis’
– Wha?
– Shall we get to that shack?
– What shack?
– Down there, ‘t the end of the vale!
– Uh, mighty be one ‘a those, y’know, deptsoevers…
– Old Fran’s stuff? Let us check!

In the mountains, there you feel free – ‘less you discover (you rea-lize) the one room room.

Room 138

June 18, 2016

…and they were…
where were they?
oh, they were:
in the axis
of the beam
of the nerve
of the gland
of the core
of the thousand petal flower
in the glade
in the depth
of the cave
in a mountain
of the ridge
in between
the two plates
(sole two plates
that were left)
in the shadow
of the memory
of the echo
of the aura
of the glare
of a world
(of a worlde!)
long forgotten
with its star(re) & constellation
(itself matter of perspective)
in the galaxy
of the cluster
of a universe
knot or line
in a gridlock
neural system
of the brain
of a god
dreamt by gods
making pattern
in the wall
of the shell
of a cell
of a root
of a bush
set aflame
by the will
(by the wish!)
of a syllable
long let loose
by a kid
in a vale…

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