Room 202

May 24, 2018

upon substance all types lay,
it is said;
types which substance exposes
and makes real.
Now, if you don’t get upset,
we insist and say
this class of worlds in consciounsness lay:
now there’s a white kitchen, look,
a white kitchen with red stools…


Room 201

September 21, 2017

The room I enter’d was a dream of this room.
I guess some of the things on the bed
were mine,
Two books, antithetic – Sexus, Atomised
a green, worn out King Stampede t-shirt

yet a room without blinds cannot be my own
nor I’d harbor a tree, eating air
at night
light and dioxide building a worn out me
in a memory of days gone, of days

possible, parallel & unparalleled
a city like a Lemarchand box
but good,
how long will I be able to plug it on?
memory is possibility

si tratta di resistere arriverà
a new radical wave will make shore
you wrote
on the outside wall of this very building
now sporting drawings of unicorns

Room 200

August 10, 2017

I cut my hair with children’s scissors,
the only blade in the house (which is
a room) all dirty with your morning
orange’s pulp, children scissors with pink
& purple handles, I cut them more
than I wanted – as it always goes
and now I wander about, looking
like a fag version of Modigliani:
shirt properly open I flip flop
through a city all holes, all light,
immune for a while to its double
nature, its serpentine ill nature:
is the one who walks on stolen land
a bit of a thief himself? ID…
I had a friend moving in Piedmont
from Pisa, got nicknamed The Etruscan
(no reggae involved: more a long lost
“virile friendship” sort of thing, maybe
up there calling names glorifies you
instead of putting you down). But I
do not feel etruscan (nor roman)
in this phoenician, hebrew, arab
land; even tuscan feels uneasy:
I’ll try then to be a marchigiano,
counting on the fact that my grandma’s father,
she said, came from those hallowed and shallow grounds.

Room 199

May 14, 2017

Is this then life
(not even geneses were dreamt),
soil underfoot, overhead sun?
What is the grass, might then be ask’d
but I shall not be pastoral
as my grass is just shrubbery:
thick weeds growing along a yard,
clovers in a modest garden


standing there
(Grab the daisy! but I do not move),
I know I’m solid and sound, deathless
– interference in waveform, moiré
on a bubble? Maybe: yet I am time
and matter and my bare feet pillars
& compass;
my spirit needs no vindication
my mother’s shadow’s but a sundial
and grass-spiders crawling all about
the control lights of earth’s intention.

Room 198

May 12, 2017


Room 197

May 12, 2017

then my heart was taken
& thrown in a casserole
Shroud! said one
and starless a night fell,
a walls & roof sort of night
were hoped, & manifold
there in the wooden darkness
(while knocks) while
all knocks stopped

Room 196

May 2, 2017

is that sound time
roaring in my eyes like a river?
In the neutral stanza everything stops –

Now I have a son:
I’ll show him everything

with words lacking syllabes
from the basket the cut head augurs

the man of god has 100 moons & skies,
& suns even]
and no book doctrine;
there shall be no talks of legacy
if all is one:

enter the fire,
become a moth, a moth,
derange yourself, tear down your house –
you’ve got the tomb’s night: acquire
the night of destiny,
become dumb, read from broken bark
in the night of wishes
gyre corona
a Diwali of possibilities


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