Room 223

January 16, 2021

Carzamumm’t of Magnlognoortzatlys stepped into the Temple of Glofmtradoplisti. It looked like there were no obstacles but darkness: Easy is the path going down to Agoglo, and always open you’ll find the door of Plafraione…, he thought; he touched the glunes on the Guisarme of Fandodadadididandi’s pole and a milky light wafted from its blade into the conspicuosly vast entrance, where statues of menacing baalsotwibarni, cast in some hyaline material where the souls of corals, still screaming, could be seen, loomed over him…

Room 222

January 2, 2021

Are these sections? Consider transitions.

Room 221

December 16, 2020

Eine feinsterlose Monade

… Erlebbarkeit…

… nur hat ein jeder sein Maas…

Room 220

December 15, 2020

χρυσολαμπαδó­ κορμη,

Room 219

December 12, 2020

the fire will come
all things will judge
and understand;
men created in heaven
will descend, unknown… Stand up,
o prisoners of the earth!

but when?!

when the two will be one.



we are afraid.

of what?!

that it will come when there’s no need for it anymore
that it will not come on the last day, but on the next

Room 218

September 30, 2020

this room’s full of flies,
but has no ceiling
an’ some sun comes by

Room 217

September 27, 2020

Can it get worse? Of course, my friend. Just go lower. Now, that‘s perverse. Blindfolded, mouthgagged, bound of course – and they even don you with earplugs. Then, with a small, round electrical bone saw, quadruple amputation takes place.
Some say the feetless and handless bodies are later placed into vetrines filled with formaldehyde, in a parody of certain notorious works of contemporary art, but that is just speculation.

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