Room 208

October 18, 2019

the glowing idea

that collecting icons

of a heart and a sword

a mushroom and a star

(plus jellyfish and skull)

… and key, and key, of course!

could really set her free;

a full dive in brightness

(colors or hexagrams?)

+ a framework consolation

Room 207

September 5, 2019

“Galvanic corrosion, sacrificial spool” – so

is this very body the sacrifical spoon?

Room 206

August 18, 2019

O man, artifice of a rash nature!

Room 205

August 18, 2019

… To dominate every disjunction…

Room 204

August 18, 2019

… And not jumping beyond the sill…

Room 203

August 18, 2019

… Adunators…

Room 202

May 24, 2018

upon substance all types lay,
it is said;
types which substance exposes
and makes real.
Now, if you don’t get upset,
we insist and say
this class of worlds in consciounsness lay:
now there’s a white kitchen, look,
a white kitchen with red stools…

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