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Room 137

July 24, 2015

and they were carrying him
four of them they were, and carrying
a dead man cask
all shoulder strenght
and the kid looked into it
he looked into the cask
and all empty it was
it was empty now
that he was looking
and the room was it
now room was cask
all wooden then
and cask was room
Are they gonna bury us
Cat, are they gonna?
The cat looked at him
Cat looked at him and said
Look in front of you kid,
you better look in front
and there, just there
in front of them
women were passing,
four women in the wood room
(in modern looking gear,
the kid thought, worried)
all looking puzzled, all four
armed, noticed the kid
but said nothing cos they were passing
passing by, they were –
all gathering samples.
But now the wood was gone
gone back it was cos trees there were
trees all around them two
and the women far already
trees there were around them
and arrows flew
(yes arrows flew)
I said look in front of you:
now duck and cover, cried Cat
Duck, kid, and cover,
and inside the bush
inside the bush like a nest of stars
– there – there they saw it glowing

Room 136

July 23, 2015

And in a vast cave
shaped like a long organ,
in a vast cave where red shades
the light from cracks made,
in such a cave they wound up –
and in the cave a stream
a clean azure stream sped
through rocks and moss,
and a man came running to them
a man came running and said
Please hide me cat,
the man said
Please hide me cat, don’t you see I’m fleein’?
what’s the matter with you cat,
don’t you see I need you, cat?
But Cat said I ain’t gonna hide you,
I ain’t gonna hide you guy.
Come on cat, the kid thought,
but dared not speak
choked by now and there
And the man ran
he ran to the river
he ran to the river
but in the fresh stream saw
some thing of horror
there in the fresh stream he saw
(his eyes all blisters)
so he run back to them and Help me
please help me said to the kid,
Please help me, can’t you see I need help
and the kid saw
deep in the face
of the man the kid saw
something he could know
a known face it might be and
It’s my father, he said to the cat
(How long not thought)
he said to the cat It’s my father
and the cat said Com’on kid,
Cat said Com’on kid and the man was crying
down on his knees he was crying
Please, please help me the man said
and the kid then saw
saw himself as an old man
saw himself older as in a shade
and was scared, but the cat said
Don’t bother with that, kid
don’t bother with that now kid
and they took a passage
a winding passage they took
at the end of the cave
and green was seen from afar
and fresh air was all coming
and soon forgotten they were
leaving behind them
all them cracks and rocks

Room 135

July 22, 2015

(and then a garden, with birds of all jumbles)

Room 134

July 21, 2015

Well then,
said Cat,
Vamos? Said the kid.
Oh, come on. Let us go. Ok? Let us
go forward together. Va bene?
All right?
All right, said the kid,
and already the cat (and him as well)
went through the right door –
and into a dome, they went,
a dome of blue marbles and motifs
of the deepest of deep interwine.
But amid the room
hit on the back by midday sun
(from the round hole atop)
was a man laying down –
being flogged he was
Stand afar, said Cat
stand afar and don’t touch.

Room 133

July 20, 2015

And yes, there he woke,
if we can say waking up
when from deep sleep you enter a dream
so bright that could well be another real place
And in fact that one could, being a room,
properly furnished and with
a cat inside too.
Hello there, kid, said the cat.
All black it was, with a star of white,
a four pointed or ray’d star, more points than rays,
on collar or neck, and eyes deep blue.
He had, he thought, such a cat,
in his childhood days,
brought by someone or streetfound,
quickly adopted, and fled astray
after a while, but too early for any
– dad, mom, him – to christen it somehow.
So Cat was always his name,
and there he was now,
standing like man or ferret
more man than ferret, on the carpet
midroom, of cyan on navy, fitting the azure,
indigo and all nuances of blue
of the drawer and four chairs,
two sofas (those, big)
and six pillows on each one
(the table had no stuffing of course,
but engraved it was, in purple on prussia
and some fat lapislazuli too).
What’s your issue, kid, tell me,
is it the posture?
Well then, said Cat, and took
a more catlike position,
and purr – even – did he,
and stretched and settled his paws:
Now you are in the dream.
The dream? Which dream? said the kid.
The dream of the blue room:
room one hundred thirty three.

Room 132

July 20, 2015

and there she stood
not even wanting her
and light there was
all all inside the light

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