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Room 108

September 27, 2011

Do you remember
ozone fireflies at the distance
in the darkness of our closed eyes,
the guessed silhouettes
of two hollow casings touching;
a chemical hypotesis
of peace, laughter
from the other rooms, the conceit
of thinking we were something good

Room 107

September 26, 2011

This one room is a filthy hut,
but there is dry bread inside, and wolves can’t enter.

Room 106

September 25, 2011

I want you to come to my land,
yes that dry backyard that merges
with the badlands we’ve got here;
to come and move some rocks about,
dig a hole for the fire –
lines for rainwater to run;

to search the dug earth mounds for stones
and stack them into round walls;
to let fire loosen the soil,
heat the water which makes us sweat;

to leave a hole on the roof,
let a wall collapse by snow;
teach me back a cosmology
weed my convulsions away
resynch my line with a death
no different from crop or winds

Room 105

September 22, 2011

He took yoga lessons
but desire came back
He drank ayahuasca
but desire came back
He sat under a tree
but desire came back
He moved in a lighthouse
alone in the small room
of the beacon keeper
a pencil and paper
spermacetti candles
grog bottle and a bible
but desire came back
Luckily, he reckon’d,
maritime life’s never
short of robust hemp rope
and the beacon is high.

Room 104

September 21, 2011

– I like your room. It’s cute. You are cute, too.
– It is a hotel room. It’s as cute as all the rooms of all the hotels of this chain.
– Is 104 your lucky-lucky number?
– It’s just the number I got from the receptionist. Your name was?
– Emerald.
– From?
– London.
– Of course. I mean, before London?
– Bangkok.
– I see. So your dream is to get back to Bangkok as a star or something?
– I will never return to Bangkok.

Room 103

September 17, 2011

– There is a new kid at the club.
– The one without feet, you mean? First floor, third door?
– Delicious, isn’t him? I’m already planning another visit.
– He’s not there anymore. He got infected and has been terminated.

Room 102

September 14, 2011

Room 102 is a track –
at track 102 standing
head horn’d, face of venetian ceruse
he is waiting for me to arrive.

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