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Room 99

August 29, 2011

Room 99 was a womb.

Room 98

August 25, 2011

they threw us in a van
and drive drive drive brought us to what
they called the room: number
was ninetyeight but there were
no houses around there:
it was just a dirty garage
among some abandon’d
factories; a clay neighborhood –
and there they kept us those
four days where we accused our friends
(and enemies as well)
families and acquaintances
of every suggested
and imaginabile offence.

Room 97

August 19, 2011

That one was a classroom,
first floor, fourth door,
one plastic signbearer
which should hold a
paper that read 1-B,
but held instead
the face of some Wolfsburg
defender; and
at Morgen the hallway
a bath of light
and I wished i could just
go straight, become
the light ‒ but I’d have reached
the baths instead,
reign of the bigs, a place
of cigarettes
‘chwas wise to avoid.

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