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Room 157

August 25, 2016

In the middle, a little man stands
With big hair, Eraserhead hair
(You will now have to recognize him
as not real, but shadow of man,
but imprint: even if tangible)

Will you ever be able to douse the negative fate that grips you? Never.

Will you eradicate the evil that calcinates your breath? By no means.
Will you elevate the bitterness of senses to essence of things? Always.
The Devil sneaks into the eye of God and you follow his shadow & trace…

That man, you will recognize
and, even if wise-looking,
even if (he himself) kind,
with strict vigour you’ll kick him,
in the arse (or up the arse),
or wherever may be fit

Room 156

August 24, 2016

…urim, thummin, urim, thummin, urim, thummin…

A room empty & white,
a speaker on the wall:

You are pursued:
who pursues you?
Elements of course;
and yourself, of course.
It’s from inability in finding balance,
or any place in a benign destiny
that your greatness springs:
to consecrate time
with the bloody gem
from your great defeat,
from your disaster.

Room 155

August 19, 2016

Quick, kid! Take the key! Take it, for fuck’s sake!
o you took it,
so you fell
in a trapdoor:
so you fell
(soft – velvet was on the floor)
in a deep room;
on the walls
fluorescence read

Room 154

August 19, 2016

Room 154,
which is accessible from room 17 too,
has a pit, and a hatch on the ceiling,
but one of the walls is an oubliette,
and remains can be found there.

Room 153

August 18, 2016

Room one hundred fifty three
Is a corridor
More long than narrow
As corridors’ght be
With rows of doors on each side
Chalk-white doors, wooden,
Facing each other
Like doors of classrooms
Or parlours, or public offices
In a small town;
And at its end a demi-table
With a single leg
Like the one that in your grandparents’
House held the ivory bakelite
Gem of the telephone (over lace),
Yet no telephone
Is there: a bell jar instead,
And under it glows
Over indigo velvet
A tiny brass key…

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