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Room 121

January 30, 2015

Show me secret symbols in the vigil’s starlit dome,
sublimate the marrow of things done undone and thought;
make me realize for good how empty that one room was
how empty it’s without you, a chorus could now croon
but this is no pop song night nor the room wants love at all
cos sundry deaths are springing – are springing towards us.

Room 120

January 29, 2015

“What I want? I just want you to shut up,”
he said, that afternoon, in the dinette.
(we never used the dinette that much)

Room 119

January 27, 2015

Well there was this room,
(room without a ceiling, so maybe “courtyard”
would be way more fit)
and in the middle of it there was a table;
and over the table two empty glasses, a colander,
a laquered photo album, some dirt
and (yup) us vaporous around it

Room 118

January 25, 2015

come o come, o people
o children, come up here,
at the very top, it’s

the number eight room
on the eleventh floor:
come, come o children
for this is a room –

a room of desire;
does anyone here still

know how to climb stairs,
a stair, a staircase

to write a room to climb
(a stair case), a stairwell?

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