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Room 199

May 14, 2017

Is this then life
(not even geneses were dreamt),
soil underfoot, overhead sun?
What is the grass, might then be ask’d
but I shall not be pastoral
as my grass is just shrubbery:
thick weeds growing along a yard,
clovers in a modest garden


standing there
(Grab the daisy! but I do not move),
I know I’m solid and sound, deathless
– interference in waveform, moiré
on a bubble? Maybe: yet I am time
and matter and my bare feet pillars
& compass;
my spirit needs no vindication
my mother’s shadow’s but a sundial
and grass-spiders crawling all about
the control lights of earth’s intention.

Room 198

May 12, 2017


Room 197

May 12, 2017

then my heart was taken
& thrown in a casserole
Shroud! said one
and starless a night fell,
a walls & roof sort of night
were hoped, & manifold
there in the wooden darkness
(while knocks) while
all knocks stopped

Room 196

May 2, 2017

is that sound time
roaring in my eyes like a river?
In the neutral stanza everything stops –

Now I have a son:
I’ll show him everything

with words lacking syllabes
from the basket the cut head augurs

the man of god has 100 moons & skies,
& suns even]
and no book doctrine;
there shall be no talks of legacy
if all is one:

enter the fire,
become a moth, a moth,
derange yourself, tear down your house –
you’ve got the tomb’s night: acquire
the night of destiny,
become dumb, read from broken bark
in the night of wishes
gyre corona
a Diwali of possibilities


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