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Room 194

February 22, 2017

you could well be wearing a coat of feathers
in that memory – not that gods know,
for gods have well changed & clocked away;
my used car a vessel for times eternal,
summerlong fevers, summ’rlong vision
Is youth just that uncompromising
love for the senses? There maybe you still see
two freaks dancing k-holes in low sun
no time-grasping desire nor skill,
there, in a keen popping of half-litre cans
and your laughs, you, all green-eyed, some sort
of thyroideal beauty, all nerves
drowsed with the fume of poppies, light-blessed & blessed
already with a gift for idealization.

Room 193

February 6, 2017

a pillory
and an oubliette

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