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Room 215

June 28, 2020

I take you as a star and as a trap
as a stone to unbalance the scale,
as a blind judge & hole & path,
as a cross, arrow and rose;
I take myself as a carrier of themes,
a host.
All that’s personal soon rots;
it must be kept in ice, or cooked.
The world is everything that’s the case,
yet authenticity is for the faithful
to the ambiguity of experience.

“Go, go, go,” said the bird: “humans
cannot bear much reality!”

Room 214

June 18, 2020

… up inside
one of the many garrets of the immense dream…

Room 213

June 2, 2020

Today my body is in eclipse.
Was it wrong just to be born?
how can I believe or trust
this burning thing this heart?
The lamb brought for sacrifice
ate up all the leaf brought for decorations;
I’ve never heard of a crime
I couldn’t imagine committing myself.
I’ll give you my word, lest I will try,
lords o lords of the meeting rivers,
never, ever to be born again.

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