Room 140

June 19, 2016

Here in our neighborhood – I know, you’d call this countryside, but just take your time, look! or walk, find me a patch from where you cannot see a house, a chimney, a building: you cannot, because they build, they build those bloody roosts everywhere, everywhere pirate henshacks, every old man a henshack, then they add a couple CGI’s for the tools, and, hey, why not a barbecue? WHY NOT upgrade it to oven? Pizza per tutti! Che ci vuole, due traforati di ghisa… E siamo fortunati! Fossimo giù, due stagioni e diventano case. E sono fortunati: fossero in India, non metterebbero il tetto mai: never, ever a roof, every storey, live beams loose and the lattice of RC rebars, ‘cos, you know, anytime you might need another level, a couple new rooms… Until in a room, in that one room, in that brand new, still chalky and unwindowed room, there gemmates, splits, spins, bursts & raises a Thunderous Goddess of Destruction…
(– Hey Rāmachata!
– Howdy, Povinda!
– Got any tonite?
– Thunderous Goddesses of D.? Let me check, season’s coming…)

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