Room 41

April 7, 2011

Room 41, whose walls would be best described as tissues, vibrates at dawn, pulsates at night, exudes poison at times.

2 Responses to “Room 41”

  1. I’ve heard talk of ‘Area 51’
    All very mysterious indeed,
    But ‘Area 51’ and all such nonsense
    Is trivial by comparison to Room 41

    Sure it sounds innocuous
    Tissue like walls that vibrate at dawn
    Pulsating at night
    and even the slightly malign
    Exudation of poison ‘at times’

    But don’t be fooled
    Stay away from this room
    There have been strange rumors
    Unseemly accidents
    Suspicious circumstances
    Trails of blood
    Even the occasional appearance
    Of strange lights and police tape
    That disappear as mysteriously as they arrive.

    On the other hand
    What have you got to lose
    They say some people have gained
    Gained their heart’s desire
    Gained Enlightened Happiness
    But then again, these are rumors
    Perhaps brought on by the poisonous fumes

    You have been warned
    But those that go there
    Always go back again
    To ‘Room 41’


  2. candice Says:

    looĆ¹ks quite dangerousssss

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