Vanni Santoni is the author of the prose poetry book Personaggi precari (RGB 2007, Voland 2013, 2017), the novels Gli interessi in comune (Feltrinelli 2008, Laterza 2019), Se fossi fuoco arderei Firenze (Laterza 2011), Tutti i ragni (:duepunti 2012), Muro di casse (Laterza 2015), La stanza profonda (Laterza 2017, longlisted for the Strega Prize), the fantasy novels Terra ignota (Mondadori 2013), Terra ignota 2 (Mondadori 2014) and L’impero del sogno (Mondadori 2017), and the essay La scrittura non si insegna (minimum fax 2020).
He is a founder of “SIC” collaborative writing project, whose 115-author historical novel In territorio nemico was published by minimum fax in 2013.
His last novel is I fratelli Michelangelo (Mondadori 2019).

contact:  personaggiprecari @ gmail.com – sarmizegetusa


4 Responses to “**”

  1. this is…fucking awesome.

  2. Rachi Says:

    accept me as your minion!

  3. Ha ha, ok… I hope I can be a proper master : D

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