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Room 198

May 12, 2017


Room 197

May 12, 2017

then my heart was taken
& thrown in a casserole
Shroud! said one
and starless a night fell,
a walls & roof sort of night
were hoped, & manifold
there in the wooden darkness
(while knocks) while
all knocks stopped

Room 196

May 2, 2017

is that sound time
roaring in my eyes like a river?
In the neutral stanza everything stops –

Now I have a son:
I’ll show him everything

with words lacking syllabes
from the basket the cut head augurs

the man of god has 100 moons & skies,
& suns even]
and no book doctrine;
there shall be no talks of legacy
if all is one:

enter the fire,
become a moth, a moth,
derange yourself, tear down your house –
you’ve got the tomb’s night: acquire
the night of destiny,
become dumb, read from broken bark
in the night of wishes
gyre corona
a Diwali of possibilities


Room 195

April 30, 2017

I’m with the deranged.
Machines run the stakes,
masks were worn &
industrial signs conceived
for things such as tears,
keyholes, pursuances
of the god. There,
Under a white light cone
aptly signaled
by the side, the sade,
the mind legion
scavenging memory
for the right steps, thick
burnt oily footmarks
on the floor, churned black land
behind bristling

Room 194

February 22, 2017

you could well be wearing a coat of feathers
in that memory – not that gods know,
for gods have well changed & clocked away;
my used car a vessel for times eternal,
summerlong fevers, summ’rlong vision
Is youth just that uncompromising
love for the senses? There maybe you still see
two freaks dancing k-holes in low sun
no time-grasping desire nor skill,
there, in a keen popping of half-litre cans
and your laughs, you, all green-eyed, some sort
of thyroideal beauty, all nerves
drowsed with the fume of poppies, light-blessed & blessed
already with a gift for idealization.

Room 193

February 6, 2017

a pillory
and an oubliette

Room 192

January 9, 2017

(and now)
l’annonce vaste et hyaline
des animaux du service maritime:
There is no death,
everything is truth & way.
– Yea sure, go tell it
to the hang’d man there,
say the earthoods, all in black…
L’ascenseur portait un roi,
lourd fragile autonome
il coupa son grand chapeau
l’envoya – ou?
(yessir) à Avignon!

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