Room 187

November 27, 2016

K is for Kestral, gods know what birds do in a dungeon,
there must be air funnels, vent holes from which B’s come too:
B is for Bat, just a nuisance, like the E for Emu (serious?
Are these storied ‘‘dungeons of doom’’ some sort of tivoli?);
S is for Snake, at least it bites, and here’s H the Hobgoblin,
which can pull quite a punch on a weak or wounded hero,
while Ice monsters, which are the I, are just a simple crack,
like Zombies and Orcs, Z’s and O’s that let courage grow
between items found, a piece of armour, some food or a ring,
and between bites of Rattlesnakes, the tough, hurting R,
what’s a strenght point less? Not much, you think, and descend.
L is for Leprechaun, a rich little fella, which is fun to kill –
are you becoming vicious? Better measure might on the C,
a Centaur is one proud match, but beware of the soggy A,
Acquators will melt your armor, and if you remove it, besides
the worrying look of a man in tank top ten or twelve levels down,
be careful: Quaggas may be another carnival act but Yetis do hurt
and the Troll, a T way nastier than Q’s and Y’s, can well bring one down
after a tragic run in a lorn aisle, nothing in the inventory to take a bloody break…

N is for Nymph, o beautiful creature shedding light in this darkness, yet
you carry items of magic, hence you must die, from arrows & mace.
F is for Flytrap, one huge flower (there’s some grace in mid-low levels)
yes it can grab you, but for a tee survivor it’s just like gardening,
as much as those potions, scrolls or staves suddenly turning into X’s,
the mimical Xeroc, that is easy to smash, while the U, that’s for Ur-vile
(which nobody figured out what’s exactly like) should be handled with care;
be careful also with the  , which is a P but invisibile, as Phantoms should be:
it will stick to your back, thirsty for blood, obsessive like a Vampire,
the ineludible V, a pest to the long-term builder if you want, but now,
that you got real deep, now that the amulet’s glow feels almost near,
the business is death, not a couple max hit points: M is for Mædusa
and try to bump, confused by its gaze, on the fiery Dragon ”D”. Yet,
it’s cake compared to a J, that is for Jabberwock, hulking beast sleeping
there in level twentythree. Hit it again, hit the jay for the kill and pray,
pray that a G will not show up; G, cold terror of the Griffin, which is not
– it just cannot be – a gryphon, but some deep hell horror, all blades,
a relative in sole onomastics, all blades and a vocation for blood & guts
of amulet-carrying people, of rogues trying to wind their way up to the stars.

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