Room 186

November 27, 2016

The whole of the sun turned dark during broad daylight, so that the stars could be seen in the sky. It lasted seven hours, during which there was an earthquake and a great hailstorm.

Three suns were then seen in the west when the day was about to set, and after two hours the other two disappeared, and the central one set after that.

A creature all grey with the head of a bearded man and four feet with claws was seen roaming the land. Caught by a hunt party was brought to court, and even given a room in the Gästehaus, but it would neither eat nor drink and suffered quite horribly.

In the middle of the night a great brightness was seen in all parts of the land, like a fiery shaft of red light climbing up into the height of the firmament.

A sticky matter like whitehoney was covering the earth and most buildings in the morning. It smelled sweet and caused giddiness to some children who ate it. One of the children started speaking languages, but was calm by eventide.

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