Room 169

October 12, 2016

If grave Death comes, if she comes fancy and full
of crowns, laces, scepters, scythes, shoes, hoods, berets,
silk, zibellini, gold & pearls, with baskets,
jades and coppers, one eye closed and one open,
half old, half young, clothed and naked of all colors,
don’t turn away nor flee, don’t jump off windows
(windows! just distractions out there), don’t run through
a door, but ask what does she have to tell you.

If then Don Diego, Don Diego of the Night,
the black man, comes, with the Mammon Cat to guard
his back and Babau flying overhead, if Don
says he has Judas, Mohammed & Martin
Luther in a bag, say you have Saint Peter,
Saint Paul, John, Thomas & Francis on a shelf;
ask him if Judas has a beard red or black;
look him straight and say he still lacks De Molay.

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