Room 137

July 24, 2015

and they were carrying him
four of them they were, and carrying
a dead man cask
all shoulder strenght
and the kid looked into it
he looked into the cask
and all empty it was
it was empty now
that he was looking
and the room was it
now room was cask
all wooden then
and cask was room
Are they gonna bury us
Cat, are they gonna?
The cat looked at him
Cat looked at him and said
Look in front of you kid,
you better look in front
and there, just there
in front of them
women were passing,
four women in the wood room
(in modern looking gear,
the kid thought, worried)
all looking puzzled, all four
armed, noticed the kid
but said nothing cos they were passing
passing by, they were –
all gathering samples.
But now the wood was gone
gone back it was cos trees there were
trees all around them two
and the women far already
trees there were around them
and arrows flew
(yes arrows flew)
I said look in front of you:
now duck and cover, cried Cat
Duck, kid, and cover,
and inside the bush
inside the bush like a nest of stars
– there – there they saw it glowing

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