Room 136

July 23, 2015

And in a vast cave
shaped like a long organ,
in a vast cave where red shades
the light from cracks made,
in such a cave they wound up –
and in the cave a stream
a clean azure stream sped
through rocks and moss,
and a man came running to them
a man came running and said
Please hide me cat,
the man said
Please hide me cat, don’t you see I’m fleein’?
what’s the matter with you cat,
don’t you see I need you, cat?
But Cat said I ain’t gonna hide you,
I ain’t gonna hide you guy.
Come on cat, the kid thought,
but dared not speak
choked by now and there
And the man ran
he ran to the river
he ran to the river
but in the fresh stream saw
some thing of horror
there in the fresh stream he saw
(his eyes all blisters)
so he run back to them and Help me
please help me said to the kid,
Please help me, can’t you see I need help
and the kid saw
deep in the face
of the man the kid saw
something he could know
a known face it might be and
It’s my father, he said to the cat
(How long not thought)
he said to the cat It’s my father
and the cat said Com’on kid,
Cat said Com’on kid and the man was crying
down on his knees he was crying
Please, please help me the man said
and the kid then saw
saw himself as an old man
saw himself older as in a shade
and was scared, but the cat said
Don’t bother with that, kid
don’t bother with that now kid
and they took a passage
a winding passage they took
at the end of the cave
and green was seen from afar
and fresh air was all coming
and soon forgotten they were
leaving behind them
all them cracks and rocks

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