Room 128

March 8, 2015

The room is fluorescent. A blue fluorescence that seems to emanate from the very objects, which are two chairs, empty bookshelves on all the four walls, a pot with a plastic plant – kentia, Howea forsteriana, type – and a thin, modern table with a ceramic figurine, representing a man with a hat. Objects that without the fluorescence, and with the exception of the plastic plant, one would suppose to be white (yet without the fluorescence the room would be pitch black, making everything black, as it has no openings nor light sources and not even an entrance through which a delver could bring inside a portable light, in the entirely hypotetical case of a stop in the fluorescence). One day, some say, the fluorescence will get red and the room suddenly full with monkeys. Baboon-type monkeys, frantic & hysterical. Violent, aroused and aggressive. Six, seven, eight of them, nine, some with rabies, ten, eleven, some with long tibial bones used as clubs, some with bloody marks and banderillas lodged on their backs getting them, if possibile, even more furious.

2 Responses to “Room 128”

  1. MumblingNerd Says:

    Bizarre enough to give me a warm glow.
    Or could that be the fluorescence?

  2. beezknez Says:

    Reblogged this on In The Hive and commented:
    Something about the rooms speaks of our minds house n the way outside affects the within The rooms facinate n scare me all at the same time I don’t want to enter but I cant refuse to not …..check out other postings n beware :))) or entertained by these writings either you can’t escape 💛🐝✨

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