Room 78

May 20, 2011

He was persuaded that in all his acquisitions he would soon be swept away, yet he had selected for the diversion of his mind and the delight of his eyes works and objects of a suggestive charm, which he amassed in a room he labeled with the number seventy-eight (when asked why, he would only whisper “Metatron, Metatron” with a troubled look in his eyes).
Sometimes, at evenings, he sits in the middle of what through the years became a most weird storage room, and with a twisted accent he murmurs
Hyperbole! de ma mémoire
Triomphalement ne sais-tu
Te lever, aujourd’hui grimoire
Dans un livre de fer vêtu…

3 Responses to “Room 78”

  1. (partial cutup of GG, JKH and of course SM)

  2. beezknez Says:

    so good totally loving each room with each story just the loveliest work alwayz beez

  3. mark Says:

    you and your cubes… :)

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