Room 71

May 11, 2011

(In room 71,
the madeleines were sold.)

4 Responses to “Room 71”

  1. MumblingNerd Says:

    Mmm, fine cakes, light, zesty and nutty.

    I craved sustenance and something to divert my attention after glancing in room 65, but now I really need to slake this thirst with a drink of good clear stream water; where’s room 72 when you need it?

  2. Be careful not to call for room 1, then :)

    • MumblingNerd Says:

      No, that would require a thirst!

      Is there/will there/might there be a map or plan of this surprising place?

      I’m curious to know if clear stream water may have leached through the old grounds of Room 72 and into Room 1, but without details of scale and location it’s impractical to speculate.


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