Room 54

April 21, 2011

In a corner of the shanty
that some did call room 54,
left there like garbage the body of a ballerina,
eleven at the oldest, in a dirty pink tutu.

2 Responses to “Room 54”

  1. And I happened to be there when she arrived
    Dead and decomposing was she
    Though there was no stench
    She was a saint in a previous life
    But wanted to be dancer instead

    So young to die this way
    Room 54 called to her sweetly in death
    Her killers brought her all unknowing
    But they too died hideous deaths
    Their boxed heads then sent to room 50


  2. ilmarinaio Says:

    the ending of this, with its somehow dactylic rhythm, remember to me a “western haiku” by Allen Ginsberg, i don’t know why:
    “The midget albino entered the hairy limousine to pipi”.

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