Room 47

April 13, 2011

The table on room 47 has been set: pomegrenates, barbary figs, a cabbage and the severed head of a sardinian sailor (a wide hole carved where the fontanelle was) inside which lilacs have been bred.

3 Responses to “Room 47”

  1. Shady girl Says:

    You are indeed some kind of high priest or genius.

  2. Room 47 had many trees
    They come and go as they please
    But their fruit remains

    The Sardinian sailor is new
    The lilacs were not growing well
    So an oracle was consulted

    “Seek a sailor
    empty by nature

    Fish the seas
    For such a one

    Drill deeply
    Fill neatly

    Empty mind
    Healthy lilac
    Shall you find”

    The trees conferred
    And finally settled on
    The Sardinian sailor

    They tap rooted his skull
    And planted the lilac

    Balance was restored
    To Room 47

  3. @yamabuki *bow*

    @shady I’m neither, but I’m working on both : P

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