Room 38

April 4, 2011

Room 38 has no ceiling,
still night there is pitch-black and merciless;
the room is a pool or a pit,
more pit than a pool with its narrow shore
(half a meter of stone or reef)
and there, in the deep dark water, struggling
hard to keep afloat, swallowing gallons
and constantly sucked back in the
briny deep, bobbing like a piece of cork,
in no time surfacing again,
eyes focused on the diminutive shore,
a frenetic young head (sixteen
at the oldest) bearing deep and gory
wound, gashed open by the point of
some hidden reef or nail or fang.

One Response to “Room 38”

  1. (cut up with materials from I.L.Ducasse’s work & some translation choices by S.E.Kisa)

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