Room 6

March 5, 2011

In room 6, there is bdellium and the onix stone.

3 Responses to “Room 6”

  1. Bedlam, sweet bedlam
    a state of wild
    uproar and confusion
    an insane asylum
    or madhouse
    Nix Nox
    chasing the fox
    All upon
    a crazy
    day night
    up the Trane
    the ONIX plane
    explaining shame trees
    Wait, did you say
    Yes? No?
    Ok then
    Never Mind!

  2. Sylvie von N Says:

    This whole place, or project (more place than project jaja) is impressive. You truly are one great poet. Will ever a 999 rooms book exist?

  3. Thank you.
    Regarding the book, who knows– it ought to be 999 pages, I guess –… there are still almost 950 rooms to be written.

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