Room 2

March 3, 2011

In room 2, a sparrow and a mockingbird flutter about.

One Response to “Room 2”

  1. Two Birds there are
    In room two
    Flying and crying
    And I’m there too
    Though they don’t see me
    Hidden in the shadows

    Mockingbird looking
    For a branch to land on
    Sparrow searching about
    Calling for his friends
    And I searching for you

    They suddenly go quiet
    When I whistle to them
    What strange bird am I, they wonder
    That calls so strangely
    And hides in the shadows

    As I whistle, the mockingbird joins in
    Our strange duet echoes through the room
    The sparrow becomes more confused
    In this the second room
    Calling more strongly for friends

    What a strange sight
    The three of us make
    In this second room
    Two birds and a fool
    On this April first


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